Urban Green Landscapes

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Our Services

UGL is a firm that specializes in rendering Landscape Architectural Consultancy, Environmental Planning and Management services from inception to implementation. The firm’s staff and consultants share an unlimited wealth of experience of over Ten years of working with and for different clients. They comprise, Corporate Landscape Architects capable of undertaking tasks in building design, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning and Management.



Our Mission is to:
  • Design and maintain Landscapes of distinction while being sensitive to the environment;
  • Provide and deliver value to clients;
  • Build the profile of landscape architecture in the region;
  • Create and nurture a creative and respectful work environment where team spirit is encouraged and individuals are empowered to make decisions and take pride in their work

Our Design Process

Our design concept is guided by the need to create compelling spaces through different properties which are affordable to manage over time in spite of every project's unique challenges and required solutions. We seek to rationalize existing plant materials on site and introduce new ones while enhancing the quality of the natural environment by applying landscape design techniques that are sensitive to the existing micro-climate. The natural environment is the result of the interactions between all the component parts and human activities. For this reason, we spend time considering the more obvious environmental interactions that are likely to occur, with the aim to avoid inadvertently causing damage to the immediate environment.